About Peter

Born in Czechoslovakia, lives in the Netherlands; worked at Studio Dumbar, before started a design studio in The Hague, Netherlands, where he works in the field of editorial, graphic and type design, combined with part time teaching at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague; in 1999 started Typotheque type foundry, in 2000 founded, edited and designed art & design journal DOT DOT DOT; in 2009 co-founded Indian Type Foundry, now writing for various design related magazines; and collaborating on creation of modern dance performances.


Talks & Lectures

  • Multilingual type design and typography
    Keynote speech at the India Design Confluence conference 2018, Ahmedabad, India.
    Lecture, 2018
  • The Best Thing About Design
    Designers tend to choose a narrow specialisation as it increases their chance of professional recognition. Peter Biľak will argue that design is at its best when it is applied s broadly as possible, showing his work with film, dance, and product design.
    , 2017
  • AGI Open 2017
    A lecture about the role of designer at the AGI Open conference in Paris
    Lecture, 2017
  • Language, Culture, Typography
    ULTRAFETT Typography Festival 2017in Bielefeld organised by the Fachhochschule Bielefeld
    Lecture, 2017
  • It is About Time
    Peter Bilak speaks about time dimensions in various disciplines, presenting for the first time the type project for the Grand Paris.
    Type Paris 16, 2016
  • Design is Not What You Think It Is
    DocEng '16 Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Symposium on Document Engineering
    keynote, 2016
  • TEDx talk
    A short presentation at the TEDxTrencin
    Fonts, Letters, Languages, 2014
  • A Design-guided Culture
    A lecture by Peter Bilak at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, organised by AIGA.
    lecture, 2014
  • Precisamos de novas fontes?
    Tipogracia 10, São Paulo Discussing approaching to designing new typefaces.
    Lecture, 2013
  • Lançamento da revista Works That Work, Rio de Janeiro
    Launch and presentation of Works That Work magazine in Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro
    Presentation, 2013
  • Indic Language Typography for Print and Screen media
    Society for News Design, New Delhi
    lecture, 2012
  • Type Systems
    Lecture at the Tag der Schrift symposium in Zurich
    Lecture, Zurich, Switzeland, 2012
  • Qual è il significato della vita
    Lecture at the ISIA Urbino
    Lecture and workshop, 2012
  • It's About Time
    Sofia Design Week, 2012
    lecture, 2012
  • Non-Latin type
    Babel Symposium Hfg Offenbach
    lecture, 2012
  • Designing Type Systems
    Tag der Schrift conference, Zürich
    lecture, 2012
  • Language / Script / Type
    Workshop at the MIT Institute of Design, Pune (India)
    workshop, 2011
  • Peter Bilak, typography
    Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore, India
    lecture, 2011
  • Quasar 5
    Annual design festival of MIT Institute of Design
    Lecture, 2011
  • Possibilities of Typography
    National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, India
    lecture, 2011
  • Shifts & Expanding possibilities of typography
    Typo Berlin 2011
    lecture, 2011
  • What constitutes a type family
    ECAL, Lausanne
    lecture, 2011
  • Expandiendo las posibilidades de la tipografía
    letter2, Buenos Aires
    lecture, 2011
  • Web typography
    Grafill, Oslo
    lecture, 2011
  • Gebruikte Letters
    Bern, Typo Club
    lecture, 2011
  • Conceptual typography?
    A one-day conference, with six international speakers that illuminates the field of conceptual type.
    lecture, 2010
  • Typography on the Web
    next(con)text, Media Factory & Department of Media, Helsinki
    lecture, 2010
  • Webfonts
    Munich, 13 November 2010
    Round table discussion, 2010
  • What is Typography?
    AGI Day, Den Haag
    lecture, 2010
  • Peter Bilak, selected projects
    25 May, 2010, Split Art Academy, Croatia
    lecture, 2010
  • Newspaper typography
    Society of Newspaper Designers, Lisbon, 12 Nov 2009
    lecture, 2009
  • Peter Bilak, selected projects
    Brumen fundation, 26. Oct 2009, Ljubjana, Slovenia
    lecture, 2009
  • Peter Bilak, selected projects
    Vienna Design Week, 8 oct 2009
    lecture, 2009
  • Dutch Graphic design
    Hong Kong Design Centre, 6 Aug, 2009
    lecture, 2009
  • History of History
    CPH Typo 09, Mediehøjskolen, Copehagen, 16 Apr 2009
    lecture, 2009
  • Language / Script / Type
    VSVU, Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava
    workshop, 2009
  • 23. Forum Typografie
    Typografie zwischen Ulm und Amsterdam, 2008
  • Typografie zwischen Ulm und Amsterdam
    23. Forum Typografie, Hochschule für Künste Bremen
    lecture, 2008
  • Peter Bilak, selected projects
    A-Z 33, Typography Process Space Hasselt, Belgium, 20 May 2008
    lecture, 2008
  • Quatro Grafici Olandesi
    ISIA Urbino, Italy 7 Apr 2008
    lecture & workshop, 2008
  • Typografiska Fredag
    Royal Library of Sweden, Stockholm, 7 Mar 2008
    lecture, 2008
  • Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design, Amiens
    lecture, 2007
  • Peter Bilak, selected projects
    Zürcher Hochschule der Kunsten, 1 Dec 2007
    lecture, 2007
  • Peter Bilak, selected projects
    Dutch Design, Vilnius 12 Oct 2007
    lecture, 2007
  • Peter Bilak, selected projects
    AGI congress Amsterdam, 27 Sep 2007
    lecture, 2007
  • Arabic type
    Khatt symposium Amsterdam, 24 Aug 2007
    lecture, 2007
  • Kyoorious Design Conference, Goa, India
    lecture, 2006
  • Rencontres de Lure, Lurs
    lecture, 2006
  • Tag der Typografie
    Zurich, 25 Nov 2006
    lecture, 2006
  • Peter Bilak, selected projects
    DesigYatra conference Goa, India, Sept 2006
    lecture, 2006
  • Helden Avond
    Off%Corso 7 Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam
    DIscussion, 2005
  • Biographies Workshop
    Eesti kunstacademi, Tallinn, Estonia (March 2005)
    Week long editorial workshop, 2005
  • Designing History & Criticism
    AIGA, National Design Conference 2001, Washington DC
    Discussion, 2001


Typefaces, Design, Texts, Photography, Magazine.